• Total Protection for Quality Cotton Fibers

    TwinLink Strengthens Crop Protection for Textile Production

The natural fiber cotton is an extremely valuable resource for the textile industry, and is also used in the production of paper and packaging materials. However, pests such as the cotton bollworm can severely reduce harvest yields and compromise the quality of the fibers. The TwinLink™ technology protects cotton plants against hungry caterpillars.

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  • Challenge
    Cotton is also used in the production of cooking oil, feed meal, cosmetics, paper, packaging and more. But pests like the cotton bollworm can damage harvests.
  • Solution
    The new GlyTolTM-LibertyLinkTM-TwinLinkTM system from Bayer in cotton seed combines different genes that protect the plants against pests and herbicides.
  • Benefits
    The protection from the inside helps farmers save on input costs. This technology combined with elite germplasm helps produce more and higher quality fibers.

亿豪彩票网Total Protection for Quality Fibers

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The TwinLink system protects cotton plants against caterpillar pests and provides full tolerance to glyphosate and Liberty herbicides, helping them achieve excellent harvests and peak fiber quality. That means better profitability for cotton farmers.

All-round protection for quality fibers

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