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    Point of View: Crop Protection Agents Secure Global Harvest Yields

Crops don’t have it easy: hungry insects feast on their leaves and roots, weeds compete with them for important nutrients, sunlight and space, and fungal diseases damage their leaves and stems. That makes a farmer’s life hard as well: for small-holders in India, for example, growing cauliflower on just a few hectares of land, every cauliflower head they harvest is vital to ensure that they can feed their families. Scientists at Bayer CropScience are therefore developing ­innovative crop protection agents to protect their plants and help farmers safeguard their harvest yields.

ietmar Kleist and Romy Peters

亿豪彩票网Their work involves testing thousands of substances. ­Dietmar Kleist and Romy Peters (photo below, left to right), for example, prepare a new culture medium with fungal spores that are then tested on new active substance candidates in automated screening systems.